Check out some commonly asked questions we receive. If you need further assistance, please send us a note at hello@alecsicecream.com.
    • Are all of your products organic?
      • Yes, all of our ice cream available for sale are USDA certified Organic.
    • Where do you make your ice cream?
      • We make our ice cream in our production facility in Petaluma, CA. We personally operate the facility and make sure each pint is to our quality standards.
    • Where do you source your dairy?
      • We source our dairy from local family farms in Sonoma and Marin County. These farms allow their cows to graze on open grass almost year round, providing an extremely high quality dairy. Most of the farms are within a 30 minute drive from our factory ensuring maximum freshness when we receive our milk and cream. 
      • Are your shipping materials eco-friendly?
        • Yes! We do not use styrofoam. Our insulating liners are made from corn making it extremely eco-friendly. You can compost the liner from your delivery or watch it biodegrade in water!